class manta.payproc.TransactionState(txid, session_id, application, order, payment_request=None, payment_message=None, ack=None, wallet_request=None, notify=None)[source]

Transaction State represents state of a Transaction

  • txid (int) – Transaction ID
  • session_id (str) – Session ID of transaction
  • application (str) – Application ID of transaction
  • order (MerchantOrderRequestMessage) – Merchant order for transaction
  • payment_request (Optional[PaymentRequestMessage]) – Last payment request of transaction
  • payment_message (Optional[PaymentMessage]) – Last payment message of transaction
  • ack (Optional[AckMessage]) – Last ack of transaction
  • wallet_request (Optional[str]) – Last wallet request of transaction
  • notify (Optional[Callable[[int, str, Any], None]]) – callback to be called when attributes of transaction change